The Fravolini family tradition is well connected with the city of Orvieto.

Orvieto, one of the most ancient towns in central Italy, has Etruscan origins, and was a very powerful “comune” during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance,
thanks to the Pope. Its heritage and history, as well as a large number of archaeological sites and monuments, make it a unique place to visit.
Many are the monuments and sights to see, the most important of which is the Duomo, a splendid Gothic-Romanesque cathedral built during the Thirteenth
Century. And the Duomo will soon be the central point during the 2013/2014 Extraordinary Jubileum, issued by the Pope Benedict Sixteenth to celebrate the
750th anniversary of the Bolsena Miracle.

Other than the stunning Duomo, the whole town is a monument itself: Orvieto, in fact, sits on a high tufa rock, inside of which visitors can admire many
venues, such as Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, the churches of Sant’Andrea, San Francesco, San Giovenale (the oldest church in Umbria, dated back 1008),
the Moro Clock Tower, the Well of San Patrizio, the Etruscan Well of Via della Cava, the Albornoz Fortress, the Etruscan Temple of the Belvedere, and many
more amazing attractions. Everything can be easily reached by foot in a few minutes!
Also, many are the museums in town that host unique pieces of the Etruscan and Medieval periods. To get more information and details about what to see and
what to do in Orvieto, please rever to :

And this is not it! Other than art, history, culture, landscapes, Orvieto is also a town rich in events and festivals. Among the most important ones, we
list Umbria Jazz Winter, a jazz festival that collects visitors from all over the World between Christmas and New Years, Orvieto con Gusto, a wine and food
event that exalts the amazing culinary tradition of Orvieto, and the Umbria Folk-Festival during the Summer.

Among the most important religious events, we recommend a visit during the Corpus Domini, and the Palombella. Both events take place in the center of
Orvieto and offer a unique scenario along the streets and squares of the city.